Exclusive Brands Torino

Luxury is also online

Buying online is becoming more and more trendy. The online shopping experience has been of great help especially in this delicate period, but it has long been a channel of great support for the market.

We at Exclusive Brands Torino believe that historic shops in the center or modern boutiques should be preserved, as well as meeting places where to cultivate sociability. At the same time, however, we are convinced that the world of e-commerce is a very important parallel track that cannot be missing nowadays.

The added value of this type of experience is undoubtedly the possibility of purchasing products that are physically located in distant places, thus managing to bring the great international excellence into our homes.

The Exclusive Brands Torino network also participates in this way of experiencing shopping by offering the unique opportunity to bring Made in Italy everywhere. It does so through the e-commerce of its companies that have decided to also open the digital channel, in addition to the "physical" one.


Discover the companies that sell online

So even those far from Piedmont can buy the great excellences of this territory at any time. Each company makes its great professionalism available to offer everyone the same care as "live" assistance.