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Jeweller art in Italy

Italian jewellery is an excellence recognized all over the world. The Made in Italy jewellery tradition is one of the strengths of our country: a productive sector that owes its success to Italian ability, perfection, creativity and innovation. 

Italian handcrafted jewellery has a long history that began in the shops, to today being in the great Italian luxury boutiques around the world.

The history of the master jewellers began even in the Renaissance, when in Florence, one began to work precious metals with sophisticated techniques never used before. A technique that is refined thanks to the insistent request of more and more precious and complex jewels.

Italian jewellery reached the peak of success in the first decades of the 1900s, when in addition to the value of the craftsmanship of the product, the artistic side of the creations is also begun to be understood. The jeweller therefore becomes an artist and the jewel his work of art. While still a luxury for the few, Italian jeweller creations are starting to have more and more value.

With the beginning of the 1900s and the belle epoque, jewellers were inspired by the art nouveau style to produce elegant and refined jewellery. The link between jeweller and art is getting closer and closer.

After the Second World War, the economic recovery also invaded the jewellery sector. The first names of Italian high jewellery begin to emerge and handmade jewellery become the object of everyone's desire.

Discover the excellence of goldsmith designed by Mattioli

The eighties are the years of Made in Italy excellence in various sectors, including obviously the jewellers. The economy runs well and this creates an increase in demand but above all, the need to have only the best top-quality products. 

Made in Italy handcrafted jewels represent value and quality all over the world. Italian jewel artisans are starting to increase production scales and ride the wave of success to establish themselves on the market, becoming its leader.

Italian handmade jewels are unique and an expression of true Made in Italy excellence. Art, innovation, technology, history, culture, tradition: an Italian jewel contains a small universe of perfection and elegance. Italian creativity finds in jewellery craftsmanship one of its greatest expressions: thus, jewellery becomes wearable art. This is what distinguishes Italian jewel craftsmanship from the rest of the world.

The network of Italian excellence, Exclusive Brands Torino, boasts one of the most sought-after names for the Made in Italy style in the world: Mattioli, synonymous with the Turin master jewellers’ tradition.

L'arte orafa in Italia

Since its origins in 1860, the company has been creating high quality jewellery thanks to the experience of artisans who work jewels continuously.

Today the MATTIOLI brand, under the guidance of Licia Mattioli, is renowned and sought after all over the world. Precious jewels that are the result of original and amazing creativity, able to transform and tell different stories. Innovation, research of new materials, classic inspirations revised in a contemporary perspective, style and perfection: these are the factors that determined MATTIOLI's success even in foreign markets.

L'arte orafa in Italia
L'arte orafa in Italia