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Italy in the kitchen

Never as in recent months has the whole of Italy (and also the whole world) moved at the rhythm of a word: sharing. Sharing how it felt, what we lacked and what we dreamed of for the future.

But not only that: also what you ate. Yes, because in this period the Italians have filled the social networks with gourmet dishes cooked on the walls of the house, demonstrating once again how good food is among the most important values ​​of Made in Italy and of our being Italian.

Everyone has experimented with new recipes, taking advantage of a new time to devote to what is usually treated with speed. How many lunch breaks do you spend at the bar counter with a sandwich or on a park bench in the company of a sandwich? Now, however, also thanks to the need to find a different meaning in this period, the desire to eat well and healthy has been rediscovered, with homemade products and traditional Italian dishes. So here are photos and images of homemade pastas, pizzas and breads leavened in the kitchens of Italians, gourmet second courses and refined desserts.

Finally we understood the beauty of meeting around a table with those we love most sharing simple dishes made with the heart, with seasonal ingredients and a great desire to experiment.

Exclusive Brands Torino knows this value well and every day celebrates being Italian at the table with the Piedmontese companies that best represent Made in Italy in the world.

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Sure that this time of worries will end soon, we hope instead that of sharing and feeling Italian, always, all together.