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Fabrics in everyday life

The fabrics are part of our daily life: not only for clothing, but also for textile furnishings and household linen. Touching and wearing a fabric is an experience that can turn into something unique.

Such as? With top quality made in Italy fabrics in natural fibers.

Italy has a long textile tradition admired all over the world. Elegant and precious fabrics that become the texture for original textile furnishings and precious linens.

Exclusive Brands Torino is proud to have the great names of the Piedmont textile sector within its network of excellence.

L’ Opificio and Quagliotti are the companies of Exclusive Brands Torino that best represent the Made in Italy quality of fabrics in the world.

l’ Opificio is the reference point for furnishing fabrics and velvets. An example of how natural fibers can be transformed into precious creations for the home.

Quagliotti is synonymous with high craftsmanship: it is a Made in Italy linen weaving renowned throughout the world.

Discover the excellence of the textile industry of Exclusive Brands Torino

I tessuti nella vita di tutti i giorni

Images by Instagram @lopificio

I tessuti nella vita di tutti i giorni

Images by Instagram @quagliotti

Textile fibers have been widely used since ancient times because they are perfect for warming up and protecting themselves from the cold. Thanks to the spinning, the man was able to transform natural fibers such as wool, cotton and linen into continuous thread to weave. Originally the spinning was done by hand, then passed to a stick.

Subsequently, weaving also developed, realized thanks to the loom. The first looms were horizontal, around 2500 BC the vertical frame was introduced. History tells us that the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were great weavers, although few testimonies remain due to the fragility of the fabrics. It is already at this time that, in addition to making fabrics for clothes, we began to conceive the fabric also for home furnishings: already here we meet the first curtains of history, carpets, fabrics to decorate.

For the mechanization of the looms we will have to wait for the Industrial Revolution, in the second half of the XVIII century. The frames were activated with the force of the steam engine. 1805, on the other hand, marks the invention of the Jacquard loom that allowed the production of complex fabrics composed of many separately processed threads.