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Craftsmanship for Building

What is craftsmanship for us?

For us at Building, the word "craftsmanship" expresses a value which we deeply care about, the result of binding together experience, quality of work, expertise and craftsmanship. All this results in that set of requirements that have made the Made in Italy and the Italian "know-how" great in the world: refinement, style, attention to raw materials, attention to detail and creativity. 

Another of the strengths of craftsmanship lies in the history and culture of our Country. In this regard, for us, "artisans" of Building, each work expresses the search for a balance between respect for the testimonies of the past and desire for contemporary expression.

The deep link with tradition and the continuous desire to experiment and innovate outline a common thread that binds all our projects, driven by the desire to return to the community an architecture that is also inspired by the exaltation of art, one of the highest expressions of craftsmanship. It is no coincidence that the words art, artist and artisan share the same root, ars, which indicated the skill acquired through study or practice.

We're obviously talking about the several artistic installations present in our projects. Or on them, such as the work Hang On A Minute Lads... I've Got A Great Idea by the British artist Richard Wilson: a tilting bus, on a scale of 1:1, inspired by the final scene of the film "The Italian Job", suspended twenty meters above the terrace of Domus Lascaris. Or Equinox, the luminous sculpture made by Richi Ferrero positioned on the roof of Lagrange 12 - a building which contains many other works, such as the artistic installation inspired by the game of Tangram by Roberta Bertazzini. And again, the creations by Domenico Borrelli, Daniele Accossato, Fabio Viale and the aforementioned Ferrero scattered at The Number 6, awarded by ArchDaily as the best renovation of 2015.

L'artigianalità per Building | Exclusive Brands Torino
L'artigianalità per Building | Exclusive Brands Torino