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Craftsmanship: an Italian story

The craftsmanship in Italy represents a history made of traditions and crafts handed down from father to son.

The words "art" and "artisan" derive from the Latin "ars", which means "practical or technical method". In the Middle Ages the figure of the craftsman was of utmost importance, precisely because he was considered a professional in his own field and a reference point for those wishing to learn that profession.

The art of Italian know-how is still today a great value to defend.

The origins of craftsmanship are due to the birth of real associations that dealt with specific subjects. Interested parties enrolled in the association they preferred as children.

The training process included the support of an expert craftsman who handed down the art of the trade to his students over time.

In Italy, craftsmanship is an art that has been handed down from generation to generation, offering all the knowledge acquired about a trade at the service of history. A gesture that contains all the value of Italianness, of the tradition of our country.

L'artigianato: una storia italiana

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L'artigianato: una storia italiana

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Even today we love to visit those places where the tradition of artisans and shops has remained intact. Through ancient works we can understand the secrets and origins of the objects we love and use in our daily lives.

Not only: another interesting aspect of Italian craftsmanship is to observe how certain traditions have remained intact, while other things have changed to meet the different needs of the market.

But it is not necessarily the case that the changes are necessarily negative: often they are improvements that allow a product to survive despite the strong competitiveness.

For Exclusive Brands Torino, Italian craftsmanship is a fundamental value. Passion, commitment, hard work: these, together with many others, are the factors that determine the tradition of our country.

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Craftsmanship is what keeps the history of a people alive. Knowing that behind the production of every single product hides the secrets and the wisdom of the past, makes everything fascinating.

This is why Exclusive Brands Torino is committed to representing Made in Italy craftsmanship around the world with a network of leading companies of Italian excellence.