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Coffee roasting, all the secrets

Coffee roasting is one of the phases in which coffee is prepared which has the greatest influence on the aroma and taste of the drink. It is no coincidence that, faced with the same type of product, we can find very different qualities of coffee. Behind a bad taste or a "strange" taste there are scarce raw materials, obsolete processing methods and outdated techniques.

The secrets for a good coffee are many, but at the base of an exquisite drink there is undoubtedly the choice of raw materials. Buying coffee directly in the countries of origin with a careful selection of the grain is undoubtedly the way to obtain a coffee of excellence. This choice, in addition to being ethical, also allows a full awareness of the potential of the territory and the different types of coffee that can be obtained. Furthermore, “putting your hands” on quality ingredients facilitates the roasting process and is one of the first steps towards coffee excellence.

Costadoro does exactly that. After buying coffee in the countries of origin, test each bean with a team of at least 5 people. Before roasting, the coffee is carefully selected and cleaned. The bean must pass several quality tests before being used for Costadoro coffee.

Costadoro's roasting method is one of the reasons for its great success. First of all, the company was the first to use the optical sorter SORTEX Z + 1BL on roasted coffee, performing a real scan of the beans. This allows you to carefully discard any grain that does not conform to your quality standards. The secret of Costadoro's roasting? The company roasts quality beans by quality, so as to obtain a homogeneous roasting that maintains the taste unaltered. Times and temperatures are adequate for every type of grain, (about 18-20 minutes at 210 ° -225 ° C) for a full taste and aroma of great excellence.

Discover the aroma of Costadoro

Exclusive Brands Torino promotes Italian products resulting from an ethical, conscious and highly skilled workmanship. Costadoro is today a leading company in the field of roasting thanks to the very high quality of its coffee and to a constant work of study and training.

La tostatura del caffè: tutti i segreti
La tostatura del caffè: tutti i segreti