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At home, with the colors of autumn

What if we told you that we love autumn? The first cold, the particular light of the evening, the landscape that is colored with harmonious and intense colors.

For everyone, autumn represents a new departure, and often this translates into a great desire to renew themselves and their home. And in fact this is the ideal season to enjoy your nest: why not take care of it and make it even more welcoming?

The colors of autumn are so many and surprising. All shades of orange, yellow, red, but also green and purple. Luxury also comes from the ability to match colors and make every corner of the house perfect.

l’Opificio, which has always been involved in making homes all over the world wonderful with its unique furnishing accessories, will decorate your interiors in a precious way.


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And in the bedroom? Green light finally to elegant bed sets that perfectly coordinate with the environment and the season. Here Quagliotti excellence has no equal and just touch one of its sets to notice it.


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The excellence of the fabrics, the desire to caress only Made in Italy quality and leave nothing to chance are just some of the aspects that unite Quagliotti and l’Opificio, two major companies that offer lots of new products for this season.

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A casa con le tinte dell'autunno | Exclusive Brands Torino

@lopificio - Image by Instagram

A casa con le tinte dell'autunno | Exclusive Brands Torino

@quagliotti - Image by Instagram

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