Exclusive Brands Torino

A summer of Italian excellence

Italian excellence is a fundamental value for us. Exclusive Brands Torino is committed every day to the enhancement of the Italian territory: through its network of companies in Turin it carries on the Made in Italy flag in the world.

Thanks to the project created by Exclusive Brands Torino for Expo Dubai 2020, i.e. the Limited Edition of exclusive products of Made in Italy excellence, we have once again demonstrated the network's commitment to the world. Because yes, Piedmont is our base of operations, but always with an eye towards the world.

In this all-Italian summer, our tour through the beauty of our territory never stops. The story of our world continues, through a new storytelling on the theme of sustainability in all its forms.

The next guide will talk about Turin and its excellences: in these months many tourists who have chosen Italy as their vacation destination, are discovering the beauty of our capital, a mix of art, culture, entertainment. The city, in full compliance with the anti-pandemic regulations, is continuing to delight tourists with its cuisine, its enchanting places, events.

We do not stop and continue to surprise us with the natural beauty of our Italy.

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Un’estate di eccellenza italiana | Exclusive Brands Torino