Exclusive Brands Torino

A new way of doing architecture

Doing architecture today takes on a new value compared to the past.
The merit of the great influences that come from the world and from a new idea of architecture, which is built no longer on the single figure of the designer, but on the collective efforts where multiple figures offer their expertise to support the professional project.

A way of doing architecture based on communication and sharing of ideas. A philosophy that also takes shape in projects, where the goal is increasingly to have architectural elements communicate with the surrounding environment.

Works that are at the centre of nature and that form a continuous dialogue of respect and continuity with it. This is why architecture today focuses on man and the relationship with what surrounds him: the communication between man and the structure, between man and the other men who will have to use it, between man and the environment.

The result is a new language that combines tradition and innovation. A new idea of architecture that involves industry, residential architecture, commercial spaces, public and private places.
The real challenge is with the imagination: the designer must be able to imagine and plan while considering multiple factors.

In Italy and abroad we build to renovate cities and to give new spaces to people. Thus, new meeting places are planned in the suburbs, in city centres, wherever there is a need to gather and bring the community together.

This is what Building Spa has been doing since 1983: imagining and designing new living spaces.

The company, excellence in Italian architecture and a company in the Exclusive Brands network in Turin, takes care of the entire construction process thanks to a structure that can count on different skills. Attention is meticulous and careful, from the earliest planning stages: then continues with the research of materials, details and finishes.

Discover projects by Building

Building architecture respects tradition by combining creativity and innovation. The study is supported by Building Engineering, which since 2000, has supported Building Spa in the design and complete management of the entire process. A team of professionals with more than 20 engineers, architects and various professionals.

The value of Building is immediately visible in its projects: the value of each component in relation to the whole, as well as its architecture, makes man communicate with others, nature and the landscape.
Each element is carefully chosen and never random: functional projects that demonstrate new solutions in conceiving space.

Building represents the excellence of Italian architecture and brings the values.