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A new concept of beauty

Aesthetics and the search for beauty are values that connect everyone. Knowing how to express a new concept of "beauty", without altering the traditions of our country, is one of the excellences of our country. Italy has always been the cradle of beauty and femininity from all over the world: being able to describe it through coherent messages and images is the goal of professionals in the sector.

Publishing is also a fundamental channel for conveying the message of a new and timeless beauty. An idea of beauty that combines tradition and innovation, suggesting new directions to follow.
Doing well in a publishing business means meeting parameters of excellence and quality. The editorial line, the production of images, the contents: everything is the result of careful and detailed work that leaves no mistakes. However, this is not all that is needed: a clear and coherent message must "explode" from the pages of the magazine, ready to win the readers' attention.

Discover more about Estetica and Allure

Exclusive Brands Torino could not do without two names that represent excellence in the field of publishing, but above all, beauty, cosmetics, and the diffusion of a new idea of beauty.
The two names are Allure and Estetica, the best source of information in the cosmetics and coiffure sector since 1946.

Why do they represent the excellence of publishing within Exclusive Brands Torino? Just swipe through the pages of the magazines and you will find all the answers.

Estetica is the most authoritative professional magazine in the coiffure sector, both in Italy and abroad. Inside the magazine, you will find the latest news on the most fashionable hair trend, information on trade fairs, new product launches and all the latest innovations in style and fashion.
A unique way of communicating that speaks through a team of experts, graphic designers, and art directors who work every day to develop an impactful and targeted communication.

Estetica is not "only" a magazine: through its pages, it expresses the values of contagious beauty in line with trends around the world.


Images by Instagram @allure

Allure, a magazine specialized in selective perfumery, beauty, and cosmetics, goes in the same direction. Aimed at professionals in the sector, Allure contains exclusive and incisive content from the big names in the world of beauty.

Every detail is accurate and precise: the images, contents and information are accurate and Allure represents the point of reference for the operators of the sector.

Both magazines are also available in digital format and are featured through social media.
Allure and Estetica are located where the reader is looking for information, always ready to anticipate questions and provide the most innovative answers.

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Images by Instagram @esteticamagazine