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Guido Gobino, the Master of Italian Craft Chocolate
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A journey into the world of chocolate that involves all the senses


Guido Gobino, the Master
of Italian Craft Chocolate

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Chocolate is one of the most loved products in the world and is among the excellences of Italian craftsmanship.
Guido Gobino is a craftsman who combines respect for tradition with a drive for innovation, using creativity, taste and passion for high quality artisanal Chocolate.
An innovation made of a careful selection of the raw materials, of a cutting-edge processing, of an uninterrupted experimentation whose aim is the achievement of an absolute quality, that is reflected in every detail, even in the design of the packages.

Among the excellences of Made in Italy of Exclusive Brands Torino, could not miss one of the most important names of Italian “know-how”. Guido Gobino is the spokesman of Italian taste and excellent craftsmanship all over the world.

“Distributed in Europe and in many other countries of the world such as the Arab Emirates, Japan and Australia, Guido Gobino Chocolate is also available beyond land boundaries”

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Thanks to the collaboration with Altec, the Extra Bitter specialties of the company were first on board of the “Volare” mission in 2013 with Luca Parmitano and then of the “Vita” mission in 2017 with Paolo Nespoli. Chosen by ESA as Official Bonus Food of international space missions, Guido Gobino Chocolate is packaged according to compliance criteria dictated by the absence of gravity.

The careful selection of raw materials, the total control of the production chain, innovative technologies and care in design represent the characteristic elements of Guido Gobino Chocolate. The Cocoa used in processing is selected from the most aromatic qualities, preferring those of Central-South America and Asia because they are more valuable and richer in aromatic nuances. PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts are selected in the Alta Langa area and then processed on the farm.
The production of Chocolate takes place entirely in the Turin office. The cocoa beans after being selected are processed, from cleaning to refining, to be transformed into Chocolate: hence the expression “from beans to bar”.

Respect for the territory and the will to enhance it are evidenced by the choice to use only whole milk coming from the farms of the Piedmontese Alpine Chain.

An artisan production in a continuous search for the perfect ingredient in order to create new flavors that preserve the love for tradition; like the Tourinot, Guido Gobino’s interpretation of the Classic Giandujotto, still produced following the traditional method of extrusion that makes each chocolate unique, and Cremino al Sale, where the elegance of Gianduja Chocolate is enriched with Integral Sea Salt and Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Since January 2019, Gobino has also signed a multi-year license agreement with Armani / Dolci, for the worldwide production and distribution of the Armani / Dolci by Guido Gobino line.
The partnership is the consequence of the encounter between the exclusivity and refinement of Armani / Dolci and the authenticity of handmade products, the fruit of care and passion of the Turin Chocolate artisan.
The specialties, recognized and awarded all over the world, have made Guido Gobino one of the most interesting international realities in the artisan production of Chocolate.

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