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Italian specialties in Made in Italy

The Made in Italy food & beverage sector is recognized and respected throughout the world. Italian food has always been loved for its great quality, extreme care of raw materials and the unique and one of a kind taste. Pasta, Italian wines, the long tradition of Turin chocolate, Made in Italy ice creams, the quality of water and the unique taste of espresso coffee are only some of the examples of typical Italian products and delicacies know around the world.

Piedmont is the territory where the best Italian products of the food & beverage sector originate. The quality of the raw materials combined with the uncontaminated nature give way to ethical production. Where tradition and innovation provide the world with the best examples of Made in Italy.

Exclusive Brands Torino brings together the brands that have made excellence, Italian quality and know-how their flag around the world. In the network of Exclusive Brands Torino we can find:


Discover the Made in Italy specialties from Turin
in the food & beverage sector

vini bava piemonte italia exclusive brands torino

Bava wines, which produces Italian wines in the territory of Monferrato and Langhe

Costadoro coffee, the authentic Italian espresso for coffee shops around the world

caffe costadoro exclusive brands torino
cioccolato made in italy qualità exclusive brands torino

Gobino chocolate, an example of excellence from the Turin chocolate tradition

Lauretana water, pure and great quality, bottled at a short distance from the source with a process that does not damage the water molecules

acqua lauretana exclusive brands torino
pastificio defilippis eccellenza exclusive brands torino

De Filippis pasta factory, a true Turin establishment, where you can taste the best tradition of homemade Italian pasta

Gelati Pepino, whose ice cream shop is located in the historic centre of Turin and is the reference point for those who love quality Italian ice cream made with care and passion.

settore food eccellenza italiana exclusive brands torino
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