Exclusive Brands Torino

Exclusive Talks with
Lauretana and Grandi Schermi

Being a company of excellence today involves having a great responsibility, namely that of declining quality with a careful look at the current reality, then at society and the future, and therefore at the potential to be developed.

We talk about it with Roberto Deideri and Edoardo Pampuro.

Let's start this chat by talking about current events. It is undeniable that this is a time of great economic crisis but also a historical and systemic one. So I ask the first of our guests how this crisis can be exploited as an opportunity.

Roberto Deideri

It is certainly an opportunity. Without falling into clichés such as "a door closes, a door opens" but in fact this crisis certainly allows us to have more time to think and therefore perhaps also see the priorities that we did not see before taken from the everyday routine. And to think both about the country but also from a personal point of view so see for a moment also within the company the opportunities of your professionalism in the staff you have, see the attitudes and maybe do what in marketing is called the line station, that is to expand your core business for a moment and see what there is of possibility to ride clearly always taking into account the professionalism you have inside.

Edoardo Pampuro

During the pandemic in progress, Lauretana clearly suffered from a decrease in sales, especially linked to the horeca channel and therefore to the restaurant business. In the months before 2020 we even lost 97% on these formats. Fortunately, we say that our company is multichannel, we present different formats that accompany different moments of the day, different taste experiences. So let's say that the formats, especially those from large distribution as well as the formats for home delivery, have made up for this serious lack of catering.

Our two guests belong to very different product areas and yet both have chosen to be part of a network like that of Exclusive Brands Torino which unites extremely differentiated companies. So I want to know why this decision was made and if it was a push towards internationalization and to what extent.

Edoardo Pampuro

Lauretana is part of a territory that is that of Biella, we are in the province of Biella but still Piedmontese in a broad sense. These are territories that have always built their entrepreneurial success on the districts, so if we want on a sort of collaboration between companies. With Exclusive Brands the discourse is different, new and certainly innovative, as it is a union of companies that have excellence in the common denominator. In this case, excellence is certainly not to be understood as an exclusively luxury item but it is in any case as research, continuous attention to what is quality.

Lauretana is very happy to be part of this network of companies also because we believe that one of the main purposes of Exclusive Brands is internationalization, therefore the fact of promoting itself in foreign markets.

Could you give us an example of a virtuous collaboration between the companies in your network?

Let's say that Lauretana is not new to networking with other companies. Lauretana started a collaboration with Pininfarina which led to the development of what is now the famous Lauretana bottle for catering. This is a bottle that expresses the perfect synthesis between what is the lightness of Lauretana and the undisputed design of Pininfarina. This bottle has allowed Lauretana over the years to be present on some of the best restaurant tables both in Italy and in the world.

Roberto Deideri

I remember that for four years now we had talked about giving visibility to the Laureatana brand in the world of motors and then rightly as a good entrepreneur as a Lauretana they rode this opportunity quickly and for four years they have been sponsors of the entire Superbike World Championship. We took them by the hand and introduced them into this world so much so that they renewed the contract for another two years and these are things that are still pleasing and I think that the network in this case has greatly influenced the decision, because anyway of the personal knowledge of the three entrepreneurs there was an added value, the fact of being present all over the world with water.

Roberto said very well, it was a collaboration that was born precisely from the fact of making a team of being together in this business network, so we see that in this case even with different products that may have little to do with each other. however he manages to work as a team because, as I said before, the lowest common denominator is excellence. We in this Superbike sponsorship has allowed us to demonstrate our Lauretana brand on not only national but also international circuits. However, we embrace sponsorship at 360 ° and as Roberto said also in those that are hospitality within the same circuits where, thanks to this, it also allows us to have contacts with potential customers and therefore develop what is the foreign market of Lauretana.

Today's reality is increasingly conditioned by digital, indeed we can say redesigned and augmented by digital. So I want to ask Roberto Deideri how technological innovations have transformed and are transforming his sector.

Roberto Deideri

Yes thanks. In fact, digital has already forcefully entered the professional life of all companies, especially ours, for some years now. But the important thing that I want to emphasize, which is now true now every day we all do our good conference call but at the base of everything there must be a personal relationship, because we must not forget that you do the conference call with someone you already know. , where there is a personal relationship and therefore of mutual esteem and therefore you can only refine what is a relationship already made of empathy, of knowledge. So digital is a tool to bring values ​​but it can never, ever replace what is the human relationship between people.

Lauretana is certainly one of the companies most linked to the territory of origin, its history starts from a very significant anecdote: Teresio went to the mountains and tasted this water and, enraptured by its organoleptic qualities, he sent it to the University of Turin to be analyzed and the university replied that this water was simply exceptional. So excellence is the basis of Lauretana in its raw material. But I ask what it means today and how much it costs and what it means to continue to be excellent.

Edoardo Pampuro

Being excellent certainly implies commitment, a lot of commitment, as well as attention to every detail, we believe they are a sort of duty towards our consumers. From guaranteeing what is a product of excellence and then passing through what are production processes that must be equally, to the excellence of communication that Lauretana has always tried to address in this sense.

So starting from what the raw material is, we can say that we have an excellent raw material and we have water that is truly unique. Our factory was built more than 50 years ago in the high mountains near the source and this is certainly not a coincidence, here being near the source certainly manages to better preserve this product and bottle it for the best possible time and it is no coincidence that after 50 years we still find ourselves in the same spaces.

One more question to both of our guests. Being linked to the territory also means being witnesses to it and in some way responsible. So what does it mean for a company to have a real impact on society in the area in which it operates, I ask Roberto.

Roberto Deideri

Yes, thanks and in the meantime, I want to say, we are a medium-small company and I don't want to give an answer on the maximum systems of what should be done. In the company we all have very young collaborators and we have an average age of 32- 33 years and this average is tragically compromised by myself, but this fact of being able to give employment to young people in our small way we have this small rule and I think you pay above all because you can find in your collaborators attitudes that you didn't think you had.

Going back to EBT I am reminded of what is a must we have from us in the company that we borrowed from the French at the time of the Albertville Olympics in 92. We always say F

Faire, savoir faire and above all sometimes we lack the faire savoir and that is to let people know what we know how to do.

Edoardo Pampuro

I believe that doing business certainly requires a lot of responsibility also because there is a plurality of stake holders who place their trust in the company. A word comes to mind, which is sustainability. We are located in a mountain environment of a small town in the province of Biella where we are the only industrial company present, we employ approximately one hundred people between direct and indirect personnel. So on the one hand we have what is the support for employment in a mountain area and on the other hand what is the care of our springs we also help to preserve the environment, therefore trying to keep it as intact and uncontaminated as possible.

I would also like to add that we are very pleased to have obtained a coveted certification that the environmental ISO 14.001, this certification describes ours as a management system aimed at sustainability thanks to numerous steps that we have implemented, from the complete separation and recycling of each refusal of any processing waste that is put back at the beginning of the production circle.

I thank our guests who talked about what it means to be excellent today and what potential there is for excellence tomorrow.