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Innovation in housing


Building S.p.A. was founded in 1983 in Turin with the objective to design, build, imagine and invent new buildings and living spaces, industrial and commercial areas, civil, private and leisure places both in Italy and abroad. The company is characterised by great attention to detail and creativity from the design phase to the creation of details and finishes, constant research into new architectural solutions and quality materials, factors which represent the typical values of Made-in-Italy creations and the Italian style.

The objective of the company is to promote a new idea of living characterised by innovation and the creation of new living spaces for businesses and individuals or reserved for leisure time.

Architect Piero Boffa, President of Building S.p.A., and his son Luca, managing director, strongly believe in the potential of Turin and in the ability of this city to reinvent itself, embrace innovation and continue the internationalisation process already started with the 2006 Olympics.

building tecnologia innovazione exclusive brands torino
building tecnologia innovazione exclusive brands torino

The first historic building renovated by the company was Palazzo Valperga Galleani, a perfect example of Turin Baroque located in Via Alfieri and a few steps away from Piazza San Carlo, which was transformed into “The Number 6”.

TThe Number 6 was awarded as “the most beautiful house in the world” by ArchDaily and as Building of the Year 2015 in the renovation works category. Besides “The Number 6”, Building S.p.A. has renovated and transformed other Turin buildings of extraordinary historic value such as Lagrange12, a 17th-century building on the corner of Via Lagrange and Via Giolitti, and Quadrato, the former Convent of Sant’Agostino. Working with FOR Engineering Architecture and Building Engineering, in 2017 the group helped the main design firms of OGR - Officine Grandi Riparazioni, which, thanks to the CRT Foundation, constitute a new modern research centre of contemporary culture. Recently, the company also started a residential project for the transformation of Domus Lascaris, a 1950s rationalist building, putting a lot of effort into reducing its environmental impact.

Together with all the new projects, the company has maintained its vocation for designing commercial spaces: in addition to some shopping centres in Russia, the group also worked on the design and construction of Settimo Cielo, the shopping centre in the outskirts of Turin, which after the end of its extension works will be one of the largest retail parks in Italy.

The projects of the Building group are aimed at enhancing the city’s historic buildings, converting and transforming them, and at the same time proposing a lifestyle which puts together luxury houses with spaces open to the public. This goal is also achieved through the side activities of the holding company Dad&Son of Piero and Luca Boffa which operates in different sectors, from the food sector with Ifse, Snodo and OGR, to the cosmetics industry with Alkemy, from the wellness industry with Alfieri6 Urban spa to the luxury sector with Fly&Wine, a company which organises helicopter tours in the areas of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato.

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Following their passion for contemporary art, the Boffa family has also sponsored many arts and culture events, supporting cultural initiatives such as Paratissima, Art for Excellence, Luci d’Artista and Open House Torino.

Building Engineering draws its strength from its large team composed of more than 20 architects. The passion, foresight and creativity of all the people who work in the Building company have made it possible to achieve important goals in the construction field, characterised by the great quality of the Italian style. Building Engineering is a modern design company capable of answering to any design needs with the support of continuous research and cutting-edge technology. A great example of Italian quality and style, the company combines tradition with continuous research into new opportunities offered by innovation and technology.




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