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Italian specialties in Made in Italy

Design and architecture have a long Italian tradition. By combining functionality and aesthetics, it was in Italy that a new way of conceiving the object and the idea of living was started. Italian design has always been synonymous with high quality, precious materials and unique style; not to mention architecture, an emblem of Italian excellence and a symbol of Italian style of living and designing spaces.
The network of Piedmont companies of Exclusive Brands Torino boasts three major brands that represent Italian design and architecture all over the world.


Discover the Made in Italy specialties from Turin
in the design and architecture sector

design architettura eccellenza italiana exclusive brands torino

In the design sector there is Pininfarina. A world leading company active since 1930 when it was founded by Battista Pinin-Farina, who became the most famous car designer of his era. Pininfarina products are the emblem of Made in Italy all over the world for the unique ability to mix technology, innovation, technological research and engineering combined with the aesthetic dimension of products.

When talking about useful objects with a strong aesthetic appeal, we cannot fail to mention Quercetti, a world leader in the production of children’s toys Made in Italy. The Piedmont company has always produced educational games for children with sophisticated material. With an idea far from the logic of mass production, the company makes unique games in full Italian style.

settore design architettura eccellenza made in italy exclusive brands torino
settore design architettura eccellenza

Architecture finds its point of excellence in Turin with Building, a company that designs and builds innovative projects for an idea of ​​new living. Building wants to distinguish itself from mass production, with a production process that takes care of every detail