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Costadoro unveils the processes of transformation of coffee

Jul , 9
Costadoro unveils the processes of transformation of coffee

The excellence of coffee is the result of an highly innovative production process rooted in tradition. Costadoro opened the doors of his company hosting the periodic meeting of Exclusive Brands Torino members. A perfect opportunity for the representatives of the companies to discover the history of Costadoro with a visit at the production process and a tasting of the best varieties of coffee.

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The experience begins with a warm welcome and attentive to every detail by the management and continued with the story of the company. The company has over 129 years of history, but tradition has combined with modernity: the systems are at the forefront and the technologies used are of the highest level.
The guided tour of the plant covered the fundamental moments of coffee transformation: from the phase of rigorous selection of the raw material based on the highest standards (“first of all choose if you want to make a coffee, or if you want to make a Costadoro” to use the words of Giulio Trombetta A.D. Costadoro) to the final act of transforming the ground coffee into a cup of coffee with an intense taste and involving aroma.

At EBT’s institutional moment, the representatives of brands present took stock of the initiatives underway and planned the events and activities for the fourth quarter of 2019.

To visit Costadoro and discover the secrets of Italian coffee excellence, visit the Tour in Turin page and book a guided tour.