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Costadoro inaugurates the new “social coffee factory”

Oct , 9
Costadoro inaugurates the new “social coffee factory”

A multi-experience space for discovering all the secrets of coffee:
from its processing to its tasting, up to advanced training

Tuesday, 8 October – The Costadoro Social Coffee Factory, which the Company planned down to the last detail and strongly backed, looks to be a real revolution in the Turin landscape. A multi-experience and decisively innovative space that occupies the ex Costadoro Coffee Lab Diamante premises and offers itself as an evolution and an enhancement of the Costadoro Social Coffee franchising project. The location on Via Teofilo Rossi 2, in the centre of town, is being transformed into the official Costadoro flagship store and represents the premium sales point that will inspire all the chain’s affiliated locations, especially the next ones opening in Turin, Genoa, and Monaco.

Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory


In the Factory, therefore, nothing will detract attention from the single true star: coffee. It will be the ideal goal for whoever, in passing, wants to taste an excellent cup of coffee, but will also become the first real reference point for customers and for professionals who wish to train and to learn everything about the primary material and how to roast and prepare it. Inside the Factory – a project conceived and developed by the whole Costadoro staff’s shared contribution – all of the best primary materials and tools relating to the world of coffee are available. Entering the Costadoro Social Coffee Factory, the visitor can experience a genuine journey across the location’s three areas: Bar, Experience, and Academy

  • At the Bar, which is made out of wholly recycled iron and wood, the Costadoro RespecTo 100% Arabica Eco-Fairtrade blend, the Specialty Coffees, and the Single Origins are available, extracted using all the different methods:  Espresso, Filter, Chemex, French Press, V60, Clever, Aeropress, Cold Brew, Syphon Moka, Napoletana;
  • Inside the Experience area, you are fully immersed in the world of coffee: you touch it, you smell it, you taste it, and you study it to discover its peculiarities and differences in order to learn to consistently recognise quality coffee. At different times, the visitor can even observe, with their own eyes, the work of an expert Master Roaster and the roaster in operation. In this space, you can taste a series of certified Specialty Coffees and purchase all the most innovative tools of the trade.
  • The journey concludes with the Academy, a space completely fitted out with the best machines in the world in which expert trainers, from inside and outside the Company, hold professional and amateur courses on coffee-making techniques.
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory


In industrial style – with word, iron, tubes, and taps on display – the location uses essential materials to showcase the true star of the show, coffee.

Eco-sustainability is clearly at the centre of the project: from the old reconditioned wood coming from the scrapping of baita and house roofing in the region; to the iron edges for diminishing the heat inside owing to the sunlight and, as a result, the energy expenditure in air conditioning; to the stabilized lichens used for sound insulation and the purification of the environment; to the original vintage sofas; to the takeaway cups made from 100% compostable materials; and, finally, to the free water stations available for customers to quench their thirst and fill their bottles.


All the staff are carefully recruited and have completed, during the months that the location was closed, a series of retraining and specialisation courses at the Company’s Lungo Dora Colletta base. These were led by figures of the calibre of Fabio Verona, Head of Quality and Training at Costadoro, Manuela Fensore, World Champion of Latte Art, and Davide Berti, World Champion of Ibrik. All of the staff have, finally, took part in a Coffee Trip of several days to London to observe the evolution of the coffee market in the flesh and to learn about the work of the best English Roasteries.

Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory


The Costadoro Social Coffee Factory is also a theatre for events dedicated not only to sector experts but also to coffee lovers. These events aim to foster the culture surrounding the primary material, and the infinite possibilities of tasting it, and, as a result, to train a knowledgeable consumer who knows how to distinguish and to choose quality coffee.


At this event, intended for the most curious consumers, participants will have the chance to rediscover coffee through the 5 senses. They will taste different single origins via Brazilian tasting, the method that is recognised at an international level for the sensory analysis of coffee.

  • Introduction to the coffee plant
  • Introduction to the 5 senses
  • Difference between the two principal processing methods
  • Brazilian tasting

Price – 15 €, open to all on reservation (maximum 5 participants)

Length – 1.5 h

Trainer – Carlotta Trombetta, Quality Management

Costadoro Dates

Saturday 12 October 10:30 am
Monday 21 October 4:30 pm
Friday 01 November 6:00 pm
Friday 15 November 10:30 am
Friday 29 November 6:00 pm


An event dedicated to the discovery of the skills and competencies necessary for baristas, such as selecting the grind and techniques for preparing milk.

Target – Baristas and experts in the sector (max 2 participants)

Price – 250€ + VAT (excluding final exam)

Length – from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm

Trainer – Fabio Verona AST, Head of Quality and Training

Costadoro Dates

Thursday 24 October
Monday 25 November


An opportunity to discover all the secrets of latte art with the champion Manuela Fensore who

has brought Italy to the top of the world rankings for the first time.

Target – baristas and experts in the sector (max 3 participants)

Price – 300€ + VAT

Length – from 9:30 am to 16:30 pm

Trainer – Manuela Fensore World Latte Art Champion 2019


Thursday 14 November
Thursday 12 December

Enrolment is mandatory for all courses. Information and booking:

Tel. 011 0371020



Costadoro Social Coffee Factory

Via Teofilo Rossi 2;

Hours: Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 7:30 pm / Saturday and Sunday 8:30 am – 8:00 pm

About Costadoro

Costadoro produces roasted coffee for the hospitality sector and is today one of the most flourishing industry players in North Italy. With more than 200 million cups served every year, it has first-rate global expertise, being present in more than 40 countries (around 52% of the coffee it roasts every year is destined for overseas markets). Thanks to the care and attention employed in the production of its coffee, the business – the history of which begins in Turin in 1890 – has earned a prominent role on the international market. Today the Costadoro brand is a fundamental reference point in the diffusion of Italian espresso coffee culture throughout the world. Costadoro carries out its innovative processing of coffee in full respect of a centuries’ old tradition, which is mainly distinguished by its sourcing, roasting, and selection, combining this tradition with the use of advanced technology and continuous research in the scientific field.

Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory
Costadoro inaugura il nuovo social coffee factory