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Estetica and Allure: excellence in trade publications
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Excellence in trade publications


Exclusive Brands Torino is proud to include in their corporate network the Italian publishing firm Edizioni Esav, which can be credited with producing the most authoritative trade publications dedicated to beauty: Estetica e Allure.

Italian publishing is synonymous with excellence and quality: Allure and Estetica represent the value of cosmetic and hairdressing sector information worldwide. This is a unique way of talking about Italian style and international trends in all corners of the globe: a highly sophisticated point of reference in publishing since the birth of Edizioni Esav in 1946.

Founded in 1946 by Mino Pissimiglia, the professional magazine Estetica soon became the most authoritative of its kind in the hairdressing sector, first in Italy and then internationally.. It provides previews of new products, information on international fairs, a series of step-by-steps and all the latest hair trends.

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From its first international launch, in an Italian-English edition in 1977, Estetica has continued to grow rapidly worldwide, offering its readers fashion news and updates, reporting, and round-ups, becoming the world leader in the sector with a network that today counts 22 editions in 60 countries with an overall circulation of more than 300 thousand copies.
Estetica’s editorial leadership has also developed online through 20 professional websites with a widespread social activity that engages more than 600 thousand followers all over the world.

Allure, born in 1978, is the trade magazine dedicated to selective perfumery, beauty, and cosmetics, with exclusive, cutting-edge, and high-impact contents signed by prestigious names in the world of beauty. Since its foundation, Allure has worked to bring industry and perfumery closer, thereby becoming an indispensable tool for sector operators. With five issues per year and a circulation of 8,000 copies addressed to all operators: perfumeries, companies, press offices, and PR, leading figures in the world of fashion and institutions.

Born of the global presence and experience of EsteticaNetwork, Estetica Export is the project that represents the first beauty digital-hub completely dedicated to the hair&beauty sector and oriented toward the global distribution of products. Estetica Export is not only a website, but an complete platform of online service, trade and consultancy, developed by sector experts and dedicated to producers and distributors worldwide.
 Since its creation, EsteticaNetwork has never stopped developing growth and innovation: as early as 1996 the first website with editorial content was launched. Today the publishing house is a point of reference of digital beauty thanks to its portals, blogs, apps, and naturally its profiles on leading social networks, above all Facebook and Instagram, where it is a leader in the sector on a European level.

Every detail is studies and designed meticulously, with intense efforts that represent the quality, passion, sophistication and creativity of this business.

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